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Nutrition Services

Now Accepting Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account Payment!

​​Nutrition Counseling:

During our first consultation, we will discuss your general health and your nutrition goals and needs, as well as a  discussion of your food likes and dislikes.   Based on this discussion, we will devise a beginning nutrition plan.  

As part of the nutrition services I offer, you will receive personalized breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack plans based on your nutritional needs and goals.  You will also receive ideas for exercise, website links, and recipes to help you reach your goals.  Email, phone and text support is included.  Contact me anytime you have nutrition or health questions.  
I offer personalized nutrition plans for general health, weight loss, chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, prenatal and postnatal, senior health, sports performance, vegetarians, eating disorders, holistic nutritional education, specific diets such as Keto and Whole30 and more. 

Hour Long Nutrition Sessions  and/or  Single Consultations, $75 a visit; Half Hour $40 a visit

After the first consultation, individual follow up sessions can be purchased as needed.  During the follow up sessions, we will discuss challenges and successes and make changes as needed to your nutrition plan.   Follow up sessions are an important tool in helping you stay on track with your nutrition and health goals. 

Couples and families welcome!


Outside of the Houston Area?  Consider Online Nutrition, $50 per month: 

While the Internet offers a plethora of nutrition advice, it is sometimes hard to navigate what is healthy and what is a fad diet or a gimmick.   Let me help you make healthy choices wherever you are at.  Online consultations include nutrition education in the form of links and printable handouts, 4 personalized weekly meal plans per month, and scheduled weekly email check ups.  In addition, this plan offers email support so if you have any questions or need extra support, I will be available to answer all your emails in a prompt manner (within 24hours.)  Personalized exercise plans also available for an extra $10 a month.  For more information on online nutrition services, email me at