Fitness Services

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The benefits of exercise are well known.  Exercise lowers stress, increases those feel good hormones, helps you sleep better, and lowers your risk of developing many types of chronic disease.  Finding the right exercise is key to making it an enjoyable part of your weekly routine.   I offer personalised training for those of you who do not like the big gyms or boot camp style training.  I offer support and encouragement and a workout that is located in a small fitness studio without mirrors.  No body shaming allowed!  All body types, fitness levels and ages welcome.  Anyone can work out-even in a chair!

Personal Training Services:

One hour for $50 or $25 for half hour
During our initial consultation, we will discuss your general health and fitness goals.  We will also run through some basic stretches and exercises to help you dictate what feels good and what you like.  Based on this discussion and your current fitness level, we will devise an exercise plan to help you meet your goals.   Once we have devised a plan, you can schedule one hour or half hour exercise sessions at the Restorative Center based on your goals and fitness level.  Couples and groups welcome!


A glimpse of our small, private fitness studio perfect for workouts for all ages, shapes and fitness levels!