About Denise and Restorative Fitness and Nutrition

The Restorative Center: Mind Body Spirit

​Restorative Fitness and Nutrition is located in the Restorative Center, located in the Park at Sugar Creek.  The Restorative Center offers individual and marriage counseling; EMDR treatment; binge eating disorder treatment; yoga therapy; prenatal yoga; and senior yoga.  For more information click on the following sites:



Hello, my name is Denise Hulett and my mission is to help my clients learn to live and eat for premium health!  I have a master's in science and a master's in health and nutrition education.  I am a certified personal trainer and certified fitness nutrition specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.   I am also a certified behavioral modification coach and weight loss specialist and continue to study with the Arizona Center for Integrative Health and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.   I am the author of the Gwee Gym Health Eating Guide, a weight loss and nutrition book, that is part of the Gwee Gym workout plan.  

Whether you hope to lose weight, learn about nutrition for different life stages, create a healthier relationship with food, improve your general health, or increase your physical fitness levels, I can help you make the changes needed to create a healthier lifestyle and meet your goals! 

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